WebData Extractor

1.8 build 420

Analyze the elements on a webpage


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Do you want to get information about a specific website? WebData Extractor is a simple software to download diverse information from any website with just a click.

The things you extract with WebData Extractor are shown over a nice interface that separates the content into different tabs, making it easier to find what you're looking for – images, text, links, audio, flash elements, etc.

In the Properties tab you can see a summary with general information; other tabs are for ScreenShot, HTML, Text, etc. WebData Extractor gets screenshots, a list of links from the website, images on the site, and much more.

WebData Extractor stays minimized in the taskbar, consuming very few resources. It also has keyboard shortcuts that make it much easier to use.

Limited to 30 days of use.

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